Justice Dinakaran – A Dalit being targeted ?

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Editorial : JUSTICE DINAKARAN – A Dalit being targeted ?
Justice Dinakaran chief justice of Karnataka high court , is persecuted as he happens to be a DALIT ?

In india , till 1947 public life in the society was guided by four varnashrama system or Manu’s caste system. Birth is accidental not out of choice , just for being born in a particular caste the human beings were treated worse than animals. This caste system was designed & enforced by the village farming community (Gowdas , Thakurs , Reddys , different names are used to indicate those belonging to farming community in different states of india ) , Trading community and most importantly Brahmin community. Brahmin provided the ideological reasoning for this inhuman , barbaric act of DALIT OPPRESSION citing various religious texts . The physical enforcement of this oppressive act was done by those belonging to the farming community with their muscle power. Both the farming community & Trading community had complete control over the local economy and forced dalits economically too to slave it out for unjust labor charges at the farms of those same oppressors.

After independence of india , little has changed. The government has banned the practice of untouchability , provided various welfare measures for the upliftment of dalits through legislations. Now , the Brahmin community which was providing ideological base for “UNTOUCHABILITY” has been isolated and are at disincentive for getting seats in government colleges , scholarships , for getting government jobs , etc. Brahmins are paying the price for the past wrongdoings of their forefathers. This has been achieved by the government easily as the Brahmin community lacks numerical strength & muscle power.

What about the farming community & trading community ? both the communities have got numerical strength , muscle power & are the deciding electorate in the formation of governments. Previously those belonging to these two communities were village heads , ruled the villages & controlled local economy. Now the same community people are MLAs , MPs , Cabinet Ministers and are continuing with their practice at the subtle level. These two communities didn’t pay any price for their past wrong doings for practice of untouchability. They are also enjoying various reservation benefits , welfare measures , incentives from the government . Still they have not changed their mindset & are practicing discrimination against dalits at the subtle level – for them Dalits are just a vote bank . who will punish them ?

Even the society , media which reflects the majority view , reflects the discriminatory attitude at the subtle level. For all the terrorist crimes usually muslim community is targeted , does that mean whole of muslim community are terrorists in the view of government & majority community ? whenever a tribal person , a dalit struggles for his survival , existence – he is branded as a naxalite ?

when the persons belonging to majority community are involved plotting , execution of major , more heinous terrorist acts , he is let off freely , even media does not report , however if a muslim community person is caught he is slapped with TADA , POTA Charges , media gives much hype to it. When the terror master minds in government of india seeded , supported , financed Tamil Terrorists in srilanka , Bangla terrorists in East Bengal (now Bangladesh) – who killed lakhs of innocent srilankans & Bangladeshis , nobody not even media questioned it. See how film actor sanjay dutt got a favorable treatment from government , police & judiciary , media as he belonged to a forward caste & from an influential family although he stored the arms , ammunitions meant for Bombay bomb blasts . Nobody not even the media questions the attendance of film actors , politicians at the parties hosted by under world dons , terror master minds in gulf & south asian countries.

Still in india , practice of untouchability is there at the subtle level. The sad part is that few dalits who got education , job , economic benefits just due to the government legislation , who are now standing firm , capable , got respectable stature in the society themselves have become puppets in the hands of forward caste people. These progressed Dalits have taken sides with the forward caste oppressors & are suppressing their own Dalit Brothers. Now , take for instance the case of Justice Dinakaran rhe Dalit – he has got , education , incentives , reservation , job , etc , all due to the government legislations. Instead of working for the upliftment of his Dalit brothers in his greed for more money , more wealth he usurped the very land earmarked by the government for his Poor Dalit brothers. Thereby , JUSTICE DINAKARAN HIMSELF HAS PROVED THAT HE IS ANTI-DALIT. HE MUST BE PUNISHED , NOT JUST LET OFF WITH RESIGNATION FROM SERVICE or GAG ON MOUTH.

Media & Government has given much hype to JUSTICE DINAKARAN’S case as he is a DALIT. What about the more grave crimes done by high ranking judges belonging to upper castes ? what action government has taken ? why does not media give wide coverage for such upper caste judges caught , finally helping in hushing up the case ? Take for instance roost resort sex scandal involving Karnataka high court judges or the UP high court judge belonging to upper caste who got his official chambers cleaned , purified with GANGA JAL (as the official chamber was previously occupied by a dalit judge). WHY NOT MEDIA IS GIVING COVERAGE TO SUCH CASES INVOLVING UPPER CASTE JUDGES ? WHY NOT GOVERNMENT IS TAKING ACTION AGAINST ERRING UPPER CASTE JUDGES , WHO’S CRIMES ARE GRAVER THAN DINAKARAN’S ?

Government & Media should not practice double standards . TRUTH FOREVER – Attempts by vested interests to silence our publication , to silence a human rights activist , to silence the voice of Dalits
The police , judges , public servants , etc question the accussed persons , to ascertain the root cause of crime or dispute, to know the truth behind every actions. The police even apply 3rd degree torture on commoners ( although it is illegal ) to elicit truth , information about crimes. When the same public wants to know the truth behind crimes involving police , judges & public servants , and seeking truth , answers , informations as per RTI ACT from police , judges & public servants , they are not answering lest the truth come out. They are citing one or the other technical reasons to hide information , to hide truth about crimes , to shield the criminals. If any of the following public servants truly stands for law , justice , truth , let them answer for the following questions publicly through media.



Your’s sincerely,

Why Go For Conversion?
By Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
18 September, 2008

In 1935 at Nasik district, Maharashtra, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar had declared his firm resolve to change his religion. He had declared that he was born as a Hindu but will not die as Hindu. About a year later, a massive Mahar conference was held on May 30 and 31, 1936, in Mumbai, to access the impact of that declaration on Mahar masses. In his address to the conference, Dr.Ambedkar expressed his views on conversion in an elaborate, well- prepared and written speech in Marathi. Here is an English translation of that speech by Mr.Vasant Moon, OSD to the committee of Govt. of Maharashtra for publication of Writings & speeches of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar

Class Struggle
There are two aspects of conversion; social as well as religious; material as well as spiritual. Whatever may be the aspect, or line of thinking, it is necessary to understand the beginning, the nature of Untouchability and how it is practiced. Without this understanding, you will not be able to realize the real meaning underlying my declaration of conversion. In order to have a clear understanding of untouchability and its practice in real life, I want you to recall the stories of the atrocities perpetrated against you. But very few of you might have realized as to why all this happens! What is at the root cause of their tyranny? To me it is very necessary, that we understand it.
This is not a feud between rival men. The problem of untouchability is a matter of class struggle. It is the struggle between caste Hindus and the Untouchables. That is not a matter of doing injustice against one man. This is a matter of injustice being done by one class against another. This “class struggle” has a relation with the social status. This struggle indicates, how one class should keep its relation with another class. This struggle starts as soon as you start claiming equal treatment with others…

Conversion not for slaves
The reason for their anger is very simple. Your behaving on par with them insults them. The untouchability is not a short or temporary feature; it is a permanent one .To put it straight, it can be said that the struggle between the Hindus and the Untouchables is a permanent phenomena. It is eternal, because the religion which has placed you at the lowest level of the society is itself eternal, according to the belief of the Hindu caste people. No change, according to time and circumstances is possible. You are at the lowest rung of the ladder today. You shall remain lowest forever. This means the struggle between Hindus and Untouchables shall continue forever. How will you survive through this struggle is the main question. And unless you think over it, there is no way out. Those who desire to live in obedience to the dictates of the Hindus, those who wish to remain their slaves, they do not need to think over this problem. But those who wish to live a life of self-respect, and equality, will have to think over this. How should we survive through this struggle? For me, it is not difficult to answer this question. Those who have assembled here will have to agree that in any struggle one who holds strength becomes the victor. One, who has no strength, need not expect success. This has been proved by experience, and I do not need to cite illustration to prove it.

Three types of Strength
The question that follows, which you must now consider, is whether you have enough strength to survive through this struggle? Three types of strength are known to man: (i) Manpower, (ii) Finance and (iii) Mental Strength. Which of these, you think that you possess? So far as manpower is concerned, it is clear, that you are in a minority. In Mumbai Presidency, the untouchables are only one-eighth of the total population. That too unorganized. The castes within themselves do not allow them to organize. They are not even compact. They are scattered through the villages. Under these circumstances, this small population is of no use as a fighting force to the untouchables at their critical moments. Financial strength is also just the same. It is an undisputed fact that you at least have a little bit of manpower, but finances you have none. You have no trade, no business, no service, no land. The piece of bread thrown out by the higher castes, are your means of livelihood. You have no food, no clothes. What financial strength can you have? You have no capacity to get redress from the law courts. Thousands of untouchables tolerate insult, tyranny and oppression at the hands of Hindus without a sigh of complaint, because they have no capacity to bear the expenses of the courts. As regards mental strength, the condition is still worst. The tolerance of insults and tyranny without grudge and complaint has killed the sense of retort and revolt. Confidence, vigour and ambition have been completely vanished from you. All of you have been become helpless, unenergetic and pale. Everywhere, there is an atmosphere of defeatism and pessimism. Even the slight idea, that you can do something does not enter your mind.
Muslim Example
If, whatever I have described above is correct then you will have to agree with the conclusion that follows. The conclusion is, if you depend only upon your own strength, you will never be able to face the tyranny of the Hindus. I have no doubt that you are oppressed because you have no strength. It is not that you alone are in minority. The Muslims are equally small in number. Like Mahar- Mangs, they too have few houses in the village. But no one dares to trouble the Muslims while you are always a victim of tyranny. Why is this so? Though there may be two houses of Muslims in the village, nobody dares to harm them, while the whole village practices tyranny against you though you have ten houses. Why does this happen? This is a very pertinent question and you will have to find out a suitable answer to this. In my opinion, there is only one answer to this question. The Hindus realize that the strength of the whole of the Muslim population in India stands behind those two houses of Muslims living in a village and, therefore, they do not dare to touch them. Those two houses also enjoy free and fearless life because they are aware that if any Hindu commits aggression against them, the whole Muslim community from Punjab to Madras will rush to their protection at any cost. On the other hand, the Hindus are sure that none will come to your rescue, nobody will help you, no financial help will reach you. Tahsildar and police belong to caste Hindus and in case of disputes between Hindus and Untouchables, they are more faithful to their caste than to their duty. The Hindus practice injustice and tyranny against you only because you are helpless.

Outside Support
From the above discussion, two facts are very clear. Firstly, you can not face tyranny without strength. And secondly, you do not possess enough strength to face the tyranny. With these two conclusions, a third one automatically follows. That is, the strength required to face this tyranny needs to be secured from outside. How are you to gain this strength is really an important question? And you will have to think over this with an unbiased mind.
From this, you will realize one thing, that unless you establish close relations with some other society, unless you join some other religion, you cannot get the strength from outside. It clearly means, you must leave your present religion and assimilate yourselves with some other society. Without that, you cannot gain the strength of that society. So long as you do not have strength, you and your future generations will have to lead your lives in the same pitiable condition.

Spiritual Aspect of Conversion
Uptil now, we have discussed why conversion is necessary for material gains. Now, I propose to put forth my thoughts as to why conversion is as much necessary for spiritual wellbeing. What is Religion? Why is it necessary? … ‘That which govern people is religion’. That is the true definition of Religion. There is no place for an individual in Hindu society. The Hindu religion is constituted on a class-concept. Hindu religion does not teach how an individual should behave with another individual. A religion, which does not recognize the individual, is not personally acceptable to me.
Three factors are required for the uplift of an individual. They are: Sympathy, Equality and Liberty. Can you say by experience that any of these factors exist for you in Hinduism?
No Equality in Hinduism
Such a living example of inequality is not to be found anywhere in the world. Not at anytime in the history of mankind can we find such inequality, which is more intense than untouchability… I think, you have been thrust into this condition because you have continued to be Hindus. Those of you who have become Muslims, are treated by the Hindus neither as Untouchables nor as unequals. The same can be said of those who have become Christians…
That God is all pervading is a principle of science and not of religion, because religion has a direct relation with the behaviour of man. Hindus can be ranked among those cruel people whose utterances and acts are two poles apart. They have this Ram on their tongues and a knife under their armpits. They speak like saints but act like butchers…
Thus we are not low in the eyes of the Hindus alone, but we are the lowest in the whole of India, because of the treatment given to us by the Hindus.

If you have to get rid of this same shameful condition, if you have to cleanse this filth and make use of this precious life; there is only one way and that is to throw off the shackles of Hindu religion and the Hindu society in which you are bound.

The taste of a thing can be changed. But the poison cannot be made amrit. To talk of annihilating castes is like talking of changing the poison into amrit. In short, so long as we remain in a religion, which teaches a man to treat another man like a leper, the sense of discrimination on account of caste, which is deeply rooted in our minds, can not go. For annihilating caste and untouchables, change of religion is the only antidote.
Untouchables are not Hindus
What is there in conversion, which can be called novel? Really speaking what sort of social relations have you with the caste Hindus at present? You are as separate from the Hindus as Muslims and Christians are. So is their relation with you. Your society and that of the Hindus are two distinct groups. By conversion, nobody can say or feel that one society has been split up. You will remain as separate from the Hindus as you are today. Nothing new will happen on account of this conversion. If this is true, then why should people be afraid of conversion? At least, I do not find any reason for such a fear…
Revolution – Not Reform
Changing a religion is like changing a name. Change of religion followed by the change of name will be more beneficial to you. To call oneself a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist or a Sikh is not merely a change of religion but also a change of name.. Since the beginning of this movement of conversion, various people have raised various objections to it. Let us now examine the truth, if any, in such objections…
A congenital idiot alone will say that one has to adhere to one’s religion because it is that of our ancestors. No sane man will accept such a proposition. Those who advocate such an argument, seem not to have read the history at all. The ancient Aryan religion was called Vedic religion. It has three distinct characteristic (features). Beef-eating, drinking and merry-making was part of the religion of the day. Thousands of people followed it in India and even now some people dream of going back to it. If the ancient religion alone is to be adhered to why did the people of India leave Hinduism and accept Buddhism? Why did they divorce themselves from the Vedic religion?… Thus this Hindu religion is not the religion of our ancestors, but it was a slavery forced upon them…
To reform the Hindu society is neither our aim nor our field of action. Our aim is to gain freedom. We have nothing to do with anything else.
If we can gain freedom by conversion, why should we shoulder the responsibility of reforming the Hindu religion? And why should we sacrifice our strength and property for that? None should misunderstand the object of our movement as being Hindu social reform. The object of our movement is to achieve social freedom for the untouchables. It is equally true that this freedom cannot be secured without conversion.
Caste can’t be destroyed
I do accept that the untouchables need equality as well. And to secure equality is also one of our objectives. But nobody can say that this equality can be achieved only by remaining as Hindu and not otherwise. There are two ways of achieving equality. One, by remaining in the Hindu fold and another by leaving it by conversion. If equality is to be achieved by remaining in the Hindu fold, mere removal of the sense of being a touchable or an untouchable will not serve the purpose. Equality can be achieved only when inter-caste dinners and marriages take place. This means that the Chaturvarnya must be abolished and the Brahminic religion must be uprooted. Is it possible? And if not, will it be wise to expect equality of treatment by remaining in the Hindu religion? And can you be successful in your efforts to bring equality? Of course not. The path of conversion is far simpler than this. The Hindu society does not give equality of treatment, but the same is easily achieved by conversion. If this is true, then why should you not adopt this simple path of conversion?
Conversion is a simplest path
According to me, this conversion of religion will bring happiness to both the Untouchables as well as the Hindus. So long as you remain Hindus, you will have to struggle for social intercourse, for food and water, and for inter-caste marriages. And so long as this quarrel continues, relations between you and the Hindus will be of perpetual enemies. By conversion, the roots of all the quarrels will vanish… thus by conversion, if equality of treatment can be achieved and the affinity between the Hindus and the Untouchables can be brought about then why should the Untouchables not adopt the simple and happy path of securing equality? Looking at this problem through this angle, it will be seen that this path of conversion is the only right path of freedom, which ultimately leads to equality. It is neither cowardice nor escapism.

Sanctified Racism
Although the castes exist in Muslims and the Christians alike, it will be meanness to liken it to that of the Hindus. There is a great distinction between the caste-system of the Hindus and that of the Muslims and Christians. Firstly, it must be noted that though the castes exist amongst the Christians and the Muslims, it is not the chief characteristic of their body social.
There is one more difference between the caste system of the Hindus and that of the Muslims and Christians. The caste system in the Hindus has the foundation of religion. The castes in other religions have no sanction in their religion …Hindus cannot destroy their castes without destroying their religion. Muslims and Christians need not destroy their religions for eradication of their castes. Rather their religion will support such movements to a great extent.

Conversion alone liberates us
I am simply surprised by the question, which some Hindus ask us as to what can be achieved by conversion alone? Most of the present day Sikhs, Muslims and Christians were formerly Hindus, majority of them being from the Shudras and Untouchables. Do these critics mean to say that those, who left the Hindu fold and embraced Sikhism or Christianity, have made no progress at all? And if this is not true, and if it is admitted that the conversion has brought a distinct improvement in their condition, then to say that the untouchables will not be benefited by conversion, carries no meaning…
After giving deep thought to the problem, everybody will have to admit that conversion is necessary to the Untouchables as self-government is to India. The ultimate object of both is the same. There is not the slightest difference in their ultimate goal. This ultimate aim is to attain freedom. And if the freedom is necessary for the life of mankind, conversion of Untouchables which brings them complete freedom cannot be called worthless by any stretch of imagination…

Economic Progress or Social Changes?
I think it necessary here to discuss the question as to what should be initiated first, whether economic progress or conversion? I do not agree with the view that economic progress should precede…
Untouchability is a permanent handicap on your path of progress. And unless you remove it, your path cannot be safe. Without conversion, this hurdle cannot be removed…
So, if you sincerely desire that your qualifications should be valued, your education should be of some use to you, you must throw away the shackles of untouchability, which means that you must change your religion…
However, for those who need this Mahar Watan, I can assure them that their Mahar Watan will not be jeopardized by their conversion. In this regard, the Act of 1850 can be referred. Under the provisions of this Act, no rights of person or his successors with respect to his property are affected by virtue of his conversion…
Poona Pact
A second doubt is about political rights. Some people express fear as to what will happen to our political safeguards if we convert…
But I feel, it is not proper to depend solely on political rights. These political safeguards are not granted on the condition that they shall be ever lasting. They are bound to cease sometime. According to the communal Award of the British Government, our political safeguards were limited for 20 years. Although no such limitation has been fixed by the Poona Pact, nobody can say that they are everlasting. Those, who depend upon the political safeguards, must think as to what will happen after these safeguards are withdrawn on the day on which our rights cease to exist. We will have to depend on our social strength. I have already told you that this social strength is wanting in us. So also I have proved in the beginning that this strength cannot be achieved without conversion…
Political Rights
Under these circumstances, one must think of what is permanently beneficial.

In my opinion, conversion is the only way to eternal bliss. Nobody should hesitate even if the political rights are required to be sacrificed for this purpose. Conversion brings no harm to the political safeguards. I do not understand why the political safeguards should at all be jeopardized by conversion. Wherever you may go, your political rights and safeguards will accompany you. I have no doubt about it.
If you become Muslims, you will get the political rights as Muslims. If you become Christians, you will get the political rights as Christians, if you become Sikhs, you will have your political rights as Sikhs. In short, our political rights will accompany us.
So nobody should be afraid of it. On the other hand, if we remain Hindus and do not convert, will our rights be safe? You must think carefully on this. Suppose the Hindus pass a law whereby the untouchability is prohibited and its practice is made punishable, then they may ask you, ‘We have abolished untouchability by law and you are no longer untouchables…
Looking through this perspective, conversion becomes a path for strengthening the political safeguards rather than becoming a hindrance. If you remain Hindus, you are sure to lose your political safeguards. If you want to save them, leave this religion. The political safeguards will be permanent only by conversion.

The Hindu religion does not appeal to my conscience. It does not appeal to my self-respect. However, your conversion will be for material as well as for spiritual gains. Some persons mock and laugh at the idea of conversion for material gains. I do not feel hesitant in calling such persons as stupid.
Conversion brings Happiness
I tell you all very specifically, religion is for man and not man for religion. To get human treatment, convert yourselves.
CONVERT -For getting organized.
CONVERT -For becoming strong.
CONVERT -For securing equality.
CONVERT -For getting liberty.
CONVERT -For that your domestic life may be happy.
I consider him as leader who without fear or favour tells the people what is good and what is bad for them. It is my duty to tell you, what is good for you, even if you don’t like it, I must do my duty. And now I have done it.

It is now for you to decide and discharge your responsibility.

The Most Backward , Neglected among the Backward Caste
People – SCAVENGERS – an appeal to honorable supreme court of india

In India, since independence certain affirmative actions by the
government like job reservations , reservations in educational
institutions , loan facilities , etc are extended to the backward class
, oppressed people. However , the persons who have economically,
socially become stronger on the basis of these government affirmative
actions are not letting their own brethren – scavenging community to
utilize the same. The politicians are just making noises about sub
caste reservation for scheduled castes & tribes , but doing nothing. As
a result , today we find some sub-castes & tribes of SC / ST better off
than their previous generation, some other sub-castes & tribes of SC /
ST are reeling under utter poverty , social ostracism , etc.

A human being can be in a civilized form , healthy – if we have
scavengers to clean our toilets , drainages , if we have barbers to cut
our hairs. The very same people who keep us healthy & civilized are not
treated in a civilized manner by the society , why ? most of the town
municipalities , city corporations are employing scavengers on daily
wages without any statuotary benefits & are paid less than the
statuotary minimum wages. every towns & cities in India are bursting
with population growth , however the number of scavengers has not been
increased in proportion to the growth of population , In most of the
cases the existing scavengers are overburdened with the work load. ,
Most of them are suffering from occupational health hazards , are dying
at young ages leaving their families in the lurch.

Hereby, we appeal to honourable supreme court of India to treat
this as a PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION & to order government of India ,
all state governments , statuotary bodies like city corporations , town
municiapalities , etc,

1. to regularize the jobs of all scavengers , to provide all
statuotary benefits like ESI,PF, etc.

2. to take all necessary steps to eradicate manual scavenging –
carrying human excreta on heads.

3. to take all necessary steps to protect their health &
occupational safety.

Bottomline : all the citizens , the society must learn to respect
their brethren who keeps them healthy , tidy & civilized.


In India , even today after 62 years of independence & democratic
governance , the plight of DALITS , TRIBALS , DOWNTRODDEN & POOR has not
improved . in fact it has worsened . the government & public servants
just pay lip service to dalits & have totally failed to uplift them in
59 years of independence . the public servants want dalits to be as such
to ride over them & to use them as pawns in power politics , as a vote
bank. let them answer how many dalits have become supreme court judges
in india . even today in india , the practice of carrying human excreta
on head still persists .

what is the use if india becomes an IT POWER or knowledge base . what
is the use if india sends it’s own satellites on it’s own rockets ot
space . did those scientific achievements has devolved , percolated to
dalits & poor in the society , has it benefitted them ? NO . JUST SEE


In india , rich people belonging to forward castes form educational
trusts , proclaiming that they want to serve the society by providing
education to all irrespective of caste or creed. By this declaration
they get Civic Amenity sites from government authorities at concessional
rates. Further they get tax , duty exemptions on materials , machines
they import for the educational institution. However , while admitting
students they are purely commercial minded , the highest bidder gets the


Some institutions like industrial training institutes ( I.T.I) ,
polytechnics , engineering colleges & medical colleges run by trusts
floated by forward castes lack basic infrastructure , to teach students
properly , they only appoint staff belonging to their castes. Dalits
,minorities , weaker section people are not at all selected. They don’t
publicly advertise for vacancies. They fill all posts with their own
caste people & finally even get government grant in aid. How ? These
institutions are getting affiliations , yearly approvals from the
government , how ? actually they should have been shut. These trusts
want government backing for tax exemptions , lands at concessional rates
,monetary benefits , etc , however the same trusts are not willing to
implement the social welfare objectives of the government , by providing
seats to weaker sections , by providing appointments to dalits few posts
in all category of positions ( not just group D – dalits are also
brilliant & capable of performing all jobs, they have proved it ).

Hereby , we urge honourable prime minister of india , government of
india & honourable chief minister of karnataka , government of karnataka
to :

1. before giving lands at concessional rate , tax exemptions , to any
educational trusts the government must ensure that the trust must adhere
to the social welfare norms of the government from day one.

2. Before giving affiliations to educational institutions the govt must
ensure , are the institutions are providing sufficient infrastructure to
students ?

3. Before giving grant in aid to any institution , the government must
ensure have the management provided jobs to dalits , minorities , etc as
per norms from the day one . if not grant in aid should be rejected.
Here there is no meaning in giving reservation of jobs in future
appointments in those institutions , as all the posts are presently
filled with forward castes , there is no expansion projects. So , dalits
have to wait for another 30-40 years to get the vacancies in those
institutions after the retirement of forward caste employees , which is
not at all practical or realistic .

4. In karnataka state , numerous Industrial Training Institutes ( ITI)
have mushroomed , some don’t even have basic infrastructure. Still they
are running the show , how ? these ITIs run by forward caste people have
appointed only their caste people to all posts , not even a single dalit
is there. Still they have got government grant in aid , how ? we urge
honourable chief minister of karnataka , to look into this & in future
to provide grant in aid in aid to only those I.T.Is which have proper
infrastructure & dalits , weaker section employees on their pay-rolls.

5. To order all educational institutions to make public announcement of
vacancies in their institutions even though not covered under grant in
aid , as they have already taken sufficient monetary benefits from the

6. To order all educational institutions , to admit students as per
government rates of fees. Some institutions are fleecing higher fees
from the students , but are giving receipts for lesser amount only.

7. If any educational institutions don’t agree with the government norms
, those institutions must be asked to be registered as commercial bodies
, no tax exemptions , lands at concessional rates , allotment of CA
sites should be given to them by the government. By these measures alone
poor & weaker section people will get justice . you are aware of merited
but poor students committing suicides year after year , CET fiasco – due
to their financial inability to join medical or engineering colleges.
Numerous similar cases are there with regard to admission to ITIs .
polytechnics. The greed & casteism of these educational institutions is
reigning high. In the positive hope that you will be kind enough to put
an end to this menace.


Salutes to our Freedom Fighters who enabled us to live in independence ,
salutes to our brave Jawans who are safe guarding our independence ,
salutes to our Kargil martyrs , salutes to our NSG Commondos , who are
protecting us from deadly Terrorists. Our head bows to you all – the
Brave sons of India.

After 63 years of india’s independence the lives of commoners is far
worse than under britishers. The benefits of independence has reached
only few , thus creating islands of few ultra rich people surrounded by
vast sea of utterly poor. The rich people in nexus with those in power ,
are getting favourable laws enacted to suit their ends. Those in power
are shamelessly enjoying 5-star luxuries all at tax payer’s expense ,
while more then 50 million are starving to death.

The criminalization of politics , executive & judiciary is almost
complete. The corruption has spread it’s tentacles far & wide , there is
corruption from womb to tomb ,from maternity hospital to grave yard. The
injustices meated out , the atrocities perpetrated by by public servants
are worse than britishers.

Ideally in a democracy, the legal recourse of grievance redressal /
justice , when a commoner suffers injustice he can appeal to respective
government official or police for justice , still if doesn’t get justice
he can appeal to court of law , further the aggrieved can get the
appropriate law enacted through his M.P / M.L.A. The sad part in India
is no public servant is neither aware of the value of our hard won
independence or the working of democracy.

When all the legal recourses to justice fail to respond , to provide
justice to the aggrieved , when corrupt judges-police-politician-public
servants act as a criminal nexus & block justice delivery, the commoner
has only 2 options , either to suffer in silence or to take law into his
own hands & get justice on his own.

Take for instance Bombay riots case several VVIPs – cabinet
ministers , police were found to be guilty of torture , murders of
innocents by justice sri Krishna enquiry commission. The government is
sitting over enquiry commission report. The court is not taking
suo-motto action in public interests a result , the guilty ministers &
police who are fit cases for death sentences are roaming free &
commiting more crimes , anti-national activities.

In some cases , involving the rich &mighty ,higher police officials ,
the cover-up begins right from start ie FIR Registration. Police conduct
name sake enquiry , investigation, suppress evidences , witnesses ,
destroy some of them , the prosecution takes a favourable stand putting
up weak arguments. Naturally, the guilty official , minister is
acquitted by court for lack of evidences. So, the guilty who should have
been rightfully put behind bars , hanged goes scot-free , to commit more
crimes , more anti-national activities.

In such cases , if the suffering public give the legal punishment to the
guilty , which should have been given by the court but failed. Are not
such acts of public, to uphold law & dignity , national security right &
patriotic ? if any body terms it as crime , that means guilty VVIPs ,
police , public servants should be left unpunished allowing them to
commit more crimes , anti-national activities. Is that right from
national security angle ? is it equality before law & equitable justice

Do remember that our freedom fighters ,martyrs ,sri.kudiram bose
,subhash Chandra bose , bhagath singh , veer savarkar others who took
violent path of independence struggle & killed inhuman british officers,
police & judges have contributed valuably ,immensely to our freedom
struggle. One of the main causes of origin of naxalism ,separatist
movements is the rampant corruption & unaccountability of public
servants in India.

In this back drop , in India anarchy is not far away. The days of
suffering public ,killing their tormentors corrupt police , corrupt
judges , corrupt tax officials ,etc is not far away. No police security
, no SPG cover can protect those corrupt , as police & SPG personnel
work for pay , perks and will be on the wrong side of law –
protecting criminals. The suffering public fighting for their survival ,
on the right side of natural justice , protecting the nation.

If the authorities term this act as illegal , crime then are the acts of
corrupt public servants legal ? is the cover-up of such corrupt acts by
police , vigilance officials & some judges by mis quoting
/misinterpreting , misusing law is right , legal ? the GOI has created ,
funded , supported , given training , arms & ammunition to various
terrorist outfits like LTTE , MUKTHI BAHINI ,MQM in foreign countries ,
resulting in destruction , mass murders of innocents there . In india
itself in assam , Kashmir , the GOI has created counter terrorist
outfits to reduce the reach of terrorist groups. The bihar , jharkhand ,
chattisgarh state governments have created armed gangs SALWA JUDUM to
counter naxal outfits , are all these acts of government right , legal ?
the days of dogs death for corrupt is quite nearby. it is high time , to
the corrupt to reform , repent themselves.

In our own experience, e-voice didn’t get justice from authorities in
many cases of injustices brought before it , most shameful fact even
supreme court of India failed to register PILs , even shameful supreme
court of India even failed to give information as per RTI Act , utterly
shameful supreme court of India failed to protect the fundamental rights
of editor of e-voice & obstructed him from performing his fundamental
duties. Still, e-voice believes in peace , democratic practices. E-voice
firmly believes that violence should not be practiced by anybody –
neither state nor public.

Hereby, e-voice urges the corrupt public servants to mend their ways ,
to uphold law & dignity of democratic institutions. Atrocities ,
violence , corruption breeds more violence , invites dog’s death. Peace
,truth , honesty is the harbinger of prosperous democratic nation.
Greetings to all my Indian brothers & sisters on the occasion of 63rd
independence day celebrations, let us build a true democratic India ,
free of corrupt public servants.

Recently we have seen media reports about arrest of high ranking police officers by Karnataka lokayukta , many police are arrested by karnataka lokayukta . Many government officials are apprehended by Karnataka lokayukta in the past , on an average from each arrested corrupt government officials millions of rupees worth illegal wealth was confiscated from each criminal. This wealth is earned by selling their official duties , for preparing fake government reports , records in somebody’s favor. During the proceedings of the court , paradoxically the judge depends on those very same concocted government reports , records (prepared by corrupt official) as the gospel truth & gives his judgement. The corrupt police officials by taking bribe suppress evidences , leave criminals from FIRs , deviate from the line of investigation , purposefully delay investigations allowing for destruction of evidences / escape of criminals , close cases with B reports , delay arrests of criminals as not traceable , in the same way fix innocents , coughs up fake confessions from innocents , etc all to protect the real rich & mighty criminal in the background. During the proceedings of the court , the judge heavily relys on the investigation reports , records of these corrupt police officials & gives his judgment.
Recently a fortnight back , in an article written by Karnataka government law & justice minister Shri. Suresh Kumar has mentioned about an incident where in an innocent was illegally arrested by police , the public prosecutor demanding a FAT FEE from the innocent detainee to get his release. Nowadays , many of the government paid Public Prosecutors in understanding with the defense advocate strike a deal , present the government’s case in half hearted manner allowing the rich & mighty criminal to escape. During the proceedings of the court the judge relies on the stand of prosecution , the stand of corrupt public prosecutor as government is the party which has filed that very case.
In the court of law , judges follow the law enacted by parliament or state legislatures. However some of the criminals who have entered into the halls of parliament & legislatures are successful in getting certain illegal acts legalized . the courts of law blindly follow those illegal , unethical , immoral LAWS / ACTS / GOVERNMENT ORDERS as gospel truths , as guiding lines as they happen to be technically legal.

In some cases , the judges themselves happen to be corrupt , they sell all judicial orders for a price. Just remember the case of a TADA court judge issuing bail orders for a price , or a judge issuing arrest warrants against then CHIEF JUSTICE OF INDIA & PRESIDENT OF INDIA .

Due to all these cases , the rich & mighty criminals are manipulating the entire legal system to their own favor and innocent people , common folk are getting a raw deal in the courts of law. Where is Mahatma Gandhi’s Ram Rajya even after 62 years of India’s Independence.

By all these action can we expect justice from the corrupt mentioned in the following articles. SHAME TO SHAMELESS CORRUPT JUDGES , CORRUPT POLICE , CORRUPT PUBLIC SERVANTS of india . These corrupt must learn lessons of duty from their honest colleagues, honest few judges , police , public servants still left in service. These few honest judges , honest police & honest public servants must teach their corrupt colleagues how to behave. Corrupt must first learn to be human beings , to behave as human beings & to interact with the public as human beings.


– By American Citizens

Our country was known as ” Heaven On Earth” , “Land of Equality & Equal Oppurtunity” & the “Statue of Liberty” rightly symbolized the spirit of our country. Now USA is known as a “Terror State”.

In the last 3 – 4 decades , the persons who occupied the office of President USA ,in their individual capacity took wrong , inhuman decisions , meddled in the internal affairs of other sovereign nations , spent our resources to create terrorist outfits like al-queda , Taliban in those countries.

In turn these terrorist outfits terrorized , murdered millions of innocents & this Frankenstein monster came home to roost on September 9 / 11 . After September 9 / 11 , each terror suspect is severely tortured in hell like Abu Garibh prison , elsewhere by our authorities. For argument sake let us accept
that these terrorists who murder innocents don’t deserve kid glove treatment & rightly deserve 3rd degree torture. When a single terrorist deserve such inhuman 3rd degree torture , what quantum of punishment , torture – previous presidents of USA deserve – who created , aided & abetted thousands of such terrorists , terrorist outfits ?

Herby, we appeal to the honourable Supreme Court of USA to order the federal government to to make public :

1. how much US resources were spent from US TREASURY , to finance terrorist outfits , military juntas in other sovereign nations ?

2. is not Al-queda , Taliban creations of USA ?

3. did September 9 / 11 WTC attack truly happened by hijacked airplane or was it planned by US authorities ? see

4 . is racial profiling , profiling a particular community & suspecting all the muslims as terror suspects , right?

5. if it is right , the cretors of such terrorist outfits – past presidents of USA – who were Christians makes it logical to assume whole of our Christian community as terror suspect ?

6. is not use of 3rd degree torture on all type of suspects in US prisons & in the prisons of US allied countries at the behest of US authorities , right ? is it not violation of human rights & US laws ?

7. did US find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq , which was the main reason for US attacking Iraq ?

8. why not US authorities use scientific interrogation techniques like polygraph , lie detector tests instead of inhuman 3rd degree torture on terror suspects & suspects in other criminal cases ?

9 . what legal right our President of USA have , to illegally spend billions of our dollars on inhuman , llegal acts of terrorism , military coup , creation , aiding & abetting of terrorists , etc , in other sovereign nations ? while we are suffering from loss of jobs ,loss of home due to natural calamities , etc ?

Crux , Foundation of all religions is humanity , kindness & universal brotherhood. It is the preachers who misrepresent it. Terrorism created , aided , abetted by anybody is inhuman & wrong . Terrorism is creation of power hungry , selfish people & they must be legally punished .

Hereby , we appeal to the honorable supreme court of USA to legally prosecute Previous PRESIDENTS OF USA in the last 4 decades , for crimes of terror , as per the present US anti-terror laws.

Recently , in the issue of weekly publication “The Week” , cabinet minister of government of srilanka (previously a deadly terrorist & right hand man of LTTE chief Prabhakaran ) Mr. Karuna , Himself has stated in an interview that LTTE received arms training in Tamilnadu State of India , to wage war against Government of Srilanka. The Justice Jain Commission Of Enquiry , which probed late PM Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination case , also stated that Tamil Terrorist outfits in Srilanka Received monetary , financial , arms training support from government of India. GOI has even setup a radio station for tamil terrorists of srilanka , within Indian territory. GOI spent billions of dollars of Indian taxpayer’s money for aiding & abetting terrorism , while billions of Indians were half starving & going without a single meal , without proper health care.

Recently , in a media interview the president of Government of Pakistan Mr. Jardari himself has confessed that in the previous years the government of Pakistan has aided & abetted Terrorism for tactical gains of Pakistan , spending billions of dollars of Pakistani taxpayer’s money. While ordinary Pakistanis were suffering from starvation , lack of health care , etc.

All the above proves that Previous Presidents of Government of USA , previous Presidents of Government of Pakistan & Previous Prime Ministers of Government of India were the real master minds of TERRORISM , founded , aided , abetted TERRORISM FOR THEIR OWN SELFISH GAINS. In turn Murdering lakhs of innocent human beings. These guilty previous presidents & prime ministers are deadly than OSAMA BIN LADEN.

Hereby , we appeal to the Honorable Chief Justices of supreme courts of USA , INDIA , PAKISTAN , BANGLADESH , SRILANKA & INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIMES TRIBUNAL , to legally prosecute the previous Prime Ministers of INDIA , the previous presidents of USA & PAKISTAN , on charges of master minding TERRORISM & murdering innocent people in their respective countries .

Visit , read the petition & support by signing the petition demanding

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/911-2611—prosecute-the-sponsorers-of-terrorism ,

http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/sponsor ,

Visit , read the petition & support by signing the petition demanding , COMPLIANCE OF RTI ACT , CONSTITUTION OF INDIA ,

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/4/accountability-of-indian-judges#signatures ,

http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/judge ,


“The strange case of Justice P.D. Dinakaran” has taken a strange turn. A group of advocates and activists in Tamil Nadu are alleging that the chief justice of the Karnataka High Court is the victim of a motivated vilification campaign. That his character is being assassinated because he is a Dalit.
“The real agenda is to prevent a member of a backward community from entering the ‘sanctum sanctorum’, now a monopoly of the upper castes,” K. Veeramani, general secretary of Dravida Kazhagam, the parent organisation of the DMK, has been quoted as saying.
The figleaf was provided by the veteran jurist Shanti Bhushan, who was among the legal eagles who brought the memorandum of charges prepared by the Madras-based Forum for Judicial Accountability to the notice of the chief justice of India, K.G. Balakrishnan, also a Dalit.
In an interview to The Pioneer, Delhi, Bhushan is reported to have said:
“It is inexplicable on the part of the CJI as to why he is not consulting the judges of the Supreme Court, like Justices M. Katju and A.K. Ganguly, under whom Dinakaran has served. So many lawyers are making allegations against him. Why is he (CJI) so keen to get him (Dinakaran) appointed? Perhaps the reason may be that he is a Dalit. We cannot say.”
An imputation of favouritism was also made by the SC lawyer Rajeev Dhavan in an article in Mail Today, after Justice Dinakaran excused himself from a tour to Australia once the scandal broke:
“Justice Dinakaran has declared that he will not accompany the ‘judges exchange’ delegation to Australia. There is a lot to doubt whethere he deserved to be a delegate over others in the first place. Someone seems to have a soft spot for him.”
Questions: Is Justice Dinakaran being because he is a Dalit? Or is this a lame attempt to give the controversy a caste colour to shield the judge? Should a Dalit be excused if he is accused of land grabbing, corruption, abuse of office and lack of probity merely because he is a Dalit? Is a Dalit entitled to take away lands of other Dalits, as is being alleged, because he is a Dalit?
Also read: The strange case of Justice P.D. Dinakaran
If he is unfit for Delhi, how is he fit for Karnataka?

‘Justice Dinakaran no Dalit’
V Gangadharan

CHENNAI: In a fresh twist to the controversy surrounding Justice Paul Diwakar Dinakaran, a collective of civil rights groups here has questioned his Dalit background, saying he ceased to be a member of the Scheduled Castes ever since he converted to Christianity.
Addressing mediapersons here, representatives of the organisations said the entire issue of elevation of Dinakaran is premised upon serious charges of corruption and those who try to rake up his caste background were unaware of what they are doing.
Going by the Constitution, the People’s Watch said, the judge was not an SC member, instead a Christian falling under the Backward Classes. The National Commission for the Scheduled Castes was “needlessly trying to jump into an issue, which basically stems from charges of corruption alone”, the NGO’s Executive Director Henri Tiphagne noted.
O Fernandes of the Human Rights Advocacy and Research Foundation and others representing Dalit forums said the issue was only about encroachment of public property, misuse of office, and “questionable” judicial orders in certain cases, besides violation of some provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act. “Most charges stand substantiated after our field visits.”
Justice Dinakaran has 527 acres of land in Kaverirajapuram village near Tiruttani. Of this, 230.19 acres come under government ‘poromboke’ and ‘adineenam’ category.
The locals used the lands for purposes like cattle grazing. Their misappropriation has affected the local poor, mainly Dalits and other backward people. “Let all charges be probed. If he is exonerated, then its fine,” Tiphagne said.
Asked how Dinakaran could continue as the Chief Justice of the Karnataka HC if the charges were true, he said, “Ideally he must not. But, we cannot ask everything at the same moment.” A detailed account of alleged misappropriation of wealth would be sent to the CJI and the collegium.

98% cases against Dalit atrocities go scot-free
by Cyber Gandhi
Bangalore: The acquittal of all the accused in the Kambalapalli massacre in which seven Dalits were burnt to death is not an exception. The Karnataka State Commission for the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes has found that the accused in 98 per cent of cases of atrocities against Dalits were allowed to go scot-free. The reason: witnesses do not turn up for fear of being attacked.
This was disclosed by commission Chairman Nehru C. Olekar at a press conference here on Tuesday after a meeting with representatives of various Dalit organisations. The commission sought their views on the condition of the people from the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the jurisdiction of the Bangalore Zilla Panchayat.
Mr. Olekar said the commission would recommend to the Government to provide security to witnesses. However, around 10 per cent of complaints of atrocities were found to be false. There were around 500 cases of atrocities pending in each district.
Strangely, the commission had hardly come across cases of Dalits being ostracised. Three such cases had been reported in the State, including two in Kolar district.
He said 446 atrocity cases were reported in five years in Bangalore Rural district. The taluk-wise break up is: Channapatna – 32, Devanahalli – 44, Doddballapur – 22, Hoskote – 133, Kanakapura – 88, Magadi – 47, Nelamangala – 143 and Ramanagaram – 43.
Mr. Olekar said the commission had taken up the case of confirmation of the services of municipal cleaners (pourakarmikas) in the State with the Legislature Committee on Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. The working conditions of the municipal cleaners in the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (around 8,000) were so bad that they were paid just Rs. 1,200 a month, whereas their counterparts in the Gulbarga City Corporation were paid Rs. 4,900. He said the Government would be asked to stop hiring cleaners through contractors. Instead the workers should be paid directly by the civic body.
Another serious problem Dalits were facing in the State was the inordinate delay in the regularisation of unauthorised cultivation by them on government land. Each district had 2,000 to 3,000 such cases that had pending for years.
He said the Government would be asked to regularise such cultivation, barring those on forest land.
Mr. Olekar expressed displeasure over the absence of the Deputy Commissioner of Bangalore Rural district from the meeting. He would write to the Government to take action against the official, he said.
Some Dalit organisations had complained that beneficiaries were not getting subsidies, the Chairman said. The Government would be asked to build one hostel in each of the eight taluks in the district to accommodate post-matric students. The Government would also be asked to remove youths staying in hostels for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, who were not students.
The commission would ask the Government to conduct a Statewide survey on the academic performance of students staying in such hostels. This was to refute the criticism that they were enjoying government largesse without improving their academic performance.
Internal quota
Mr. Olekar supported the demand of organisations representing people from the Madiga, Bhovi and Korama communities for internal reservation to prevent a few influential sections among the Dalits from cornering all the benefits.
The Commission had so far visited 12 districts and would be visiting the other districts. It would give its report to the Government before August 20, he said.

All India Statistics of Atrocities on Dalits
Year Murders Violence
/Hurt Rape Arson Others Total
1981 493 1492 604 1295 10434 14318
1986 564 1408 727 1002 11715 15416
1991 610 1706 784 602 13944 17646
1996 543 4585 949 464 24899 31440
1997 513 3860 1037 389 22145 27944
1998 516 3809 923 NA NA 28172
1999 506 3241 1000 337 21727 26811
2000 526 3457 1083 290 25815 31171

Recruitment scandel: Indian Governance widens Caste devide

More than half a century after Scheduled Castes were constitutionally guaranteed reservation in government services, top posts in the central bureaucracy have constantly eluded them.
The figures: not one out of the 88 central government secretaries is a Dalit. On other crucial posts, too, Dalit representation is dismal: 1.52 per cent at additional secretary level (just one out of 66), 5.04 per cent at joint secretary level (13 out of 249), and 6.2 per cent at the director level (31 out of 471). The source: Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Prithviraj Chavan’s reply in the Lok Sabha. But the problem may be far more serious.“The government has not quoted the number of officers equivalent in rank to secretary, additional secretary or joint secretary. If you add them, the problem is much larger,” said a Dalit bureaucrat. “For example, if these are added, the total number of additional secretary-level officers is 128, while the number of Dalits is still the same, i.e., one.” The constitution guarantees 15 per cent SC reservation at the entry level in central services. The total number of serving IAS officers in India today: about 4,500. “From the joint secretary level, there are cases of bias, and SCs are often ignored,” said retired additional secretary in the Ministry of Law and Justice O.P. Shukla, himself a Dalit. “These are not promotion posts but selection posts. Even if a Scheduled Caste officer is the best, he cannot claim the right to get selected.”
The selection process: for becoming joint secretary in the central government, an officer has to get empanelled. A panel of senior secretaries does this. Once an officer is empanelled, the DoPT takes the final decision.It is in this process that most Dalit officers get ignored, Dalit bureaucrats claim. But the government has a different logic. “We consider only those officers who have prior central experience of at least three years at junior levels. Only those who opt for central deputation at junior levels get it,” said a senior official in the personnel ministry.

TATAs Admit: Merit in struggle not in shine

Following is a piece from Economic times, Tata Group may become second equal opportunity employer after Vediocon Inc in India. Lets welcome such corporate stance after 60 years of Indian Republic formation! The well-to-do castes could realise that the previlages since ages they passed on to their generations will be source of agony and unrest if not shared with other depressed castes, till then peace in Indian society will be a mirrage. Are Naxalites listening this?
“Some of the experiments in hiring people from specific castes have also proven successful.
“Noel Tata, the MD of Trent, is convinced that once candidates from Dalit and tribal communities are trained, their performance is far better than others…they show more commitment and don’t migrate easily. Over 50% of the hiring in Trent is from the SC/ST communities,” says Dr Irani. “
To read more click here

Slave Trade in India continues: Dalit family sold

A court in Rajasthan has asked the police to register a case against an influential Rajput family in Ajmer district for allegedly selling an entire Dalit family for Rs 2.75 lakh to a Tonk-based furnace factory to work there as bonded labourers.
Mahaveer, his wife Sharda and their children Rakesh, Mukesh, Ghisalal, Chitar and his wife Sajani were sold last year, but the incident came to the fore when the family escaped from captivity. One year after the alleged transaction, the seven members of the Dalit family escaped and reached their native Sunariya village in Ajmer. They took refuge in a jungle after they were brutally beaten allegedly by the Rajput family members who also burned down their house. The court order came after an Ajmer-based lawyer decided to take up their case.
On Friday, a court in Sarwar asked the police to register cases against the alleged culprits, including Gopal, Bhupender, Prahalad and Hanuman Bheel. ‘‘Last year Gopal, Bhupender and Prahalad took us to Tonk on a jeep and left us at the furnace factory. We had to work there for 15 to 16 hours daily,’’ recalled Mahaveer. He said factory owner Mustakim Bajigar refused to pay any wages saying he had already paid money. ‘‘We used to get very less to eat and were not allowed to go out,’’ said Sharda.

Supreme Court thunders against Caste India

Thirty years after seven Dalits were massacred by upper caste Thakurs in Uttar Pradesh, the Supreme Court has sentenced to life imprisonment five of the accused and said caste system should be abolished soon for ensuring rule of law and smooth functioning of democracy.
Reversing the acquittal of the six accused, the apex court said “unfortunately, the centuries-old Indian caste system still takes its toll from time to time. This case unfolds the worst kind of atrocities committed by the so-called upper caste (Kshatriya or Thakur) against the so-called lower caste caste in a civilized country. “It is absolutely imperative to abolish the caste system as expeditiously as possible for smooth functioning of rule of law and democracy in our country,” a bench of Justices Dalveer Bhandari and A K Patnaik said in a judgement.
The apex court said minor discrepancies in statements of witnesses should be ignored by courts in such carnages as they are bound to be under tremendous fear. The accused belonging to Thakur caste butchered seven totally innocent persons belonging to Harijan caste and to wipe out the evidence of their atrocities, threw their bodies in the strong currents of the Ganges, the apex court said adding the massacre was carried out to teach a lesson to so-called lower caste and commit dacoity at the village. It was at the intervention of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Dalit leader Jagjivan Ram that the police had arrested 18 people in connection with the massacre on September 9, 1979, at village Lohari, under Hussainganj police station in Uttar Pradesh.


Public Sanitation at the cost of Life
http://tinyurl.com/yz6opd5 )

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